IMG_0432Dogs and training methods have evolved dramatically. You are just as likely to see a GPS on a dog collar in the field as you would on your Smart Phone. The chapter is very engaged in using technology to help improve the training and hunting experience for both you and your dog. The Valley of the Sun Chapter has a very diverse mixture of pointing dog breeds and membership, this mixture helps our chapter provide and environment that allows for the the successful training of versatile hunting dogs, and their owners,  for hunting and testing.

The Valley of the Sun Chapter will be holding Training days in and around the Phoenix Metropolitan area when the weather allows. In the warmer months Training will be held in the surrounding area, and will provide diverse environments and terrain to aid in the successful training of versatile hunting dogs.

Training dates for June through December 2018 will be updated once the fire striations are lifted as our chapter uses public lands for our events.

Our Training program focuses on the core components that all hunting dogs should provide:

  • Field Search
  • Pointing
  • Steadiness
  • Retrieving Game to Hand
  • Tracking Game
  • Water Retrieves and Searches
  • Steadiness and Obedience by the Blind

Suggested Training Videos:

The Pointing Dog DVD Collection of Volumes 1 through 4 with George Hickox

Tri-tronics Trained Retrieve Hold and Fetch

The Perfect Start DVD featuring Jon and Cindy Hann

The Perfect Finish DVD featuring Jon and Cindy Hann

The Silent Command System of Dog Training Volume 1: Foundation with Rick and Ronnie Smith DVD

Suggested Training Books:

Training and Care of the Versatile Hunting Dog (NAVHDA Green Book)

NAVHDA Aims, Programs, Test Rules

Tri-tronics Retriever Training Book by Jim and Phyllis Dobbs with Alice Woodyard

Best Way to Train Your Gun Dog: The Delmar Smith Method by Bill Tarrant