The Valley of the Sun Chapter is looking for dedicated members, please complete the application below if you are interested. Chapter Membership is $60 for the first year, and $45 for renewal. Membership includes your entire household. We will contact you to arrange payment once we receive your application. Some of the benefits of membership include reduced Test and Training Clinic fees, as well as advanced notice of Tests and Events.

The Valley of the Sun Chapter is dedicated to providing the best experiences for our members and their dogs. We are an All Volunteer organization, and members should expect to contribute a minimum of 10-20 hours of effort per year to help sustain and progress the aims of the organization.

Please select the duties you are interested in pursuing below. And don't worry if you aren't sure how to do a job yet, we are happy to show you the way.

Lastly, tells us a little about your dogs. Please enter the dogs name, a "-" and their breed, separate dogs with a comma. Something like this: Bullet - Pudelpointer, Cannon - Pudelpointer, Willow - Vizsla